Sun, 22-Nov-2020

This Sunday we are going on a short scenic route to the beautiful Venue just outside Bronkhorstspruit

Road Captain Rudi Barnard invites all HOG Pretoria members and friends to join us as we leave for the beautiful Anton Smit Art Cafe

Sat, 28-Nov-2020

Come and join us for the Event of the Year

Get your booking in on time!!

All past, current, and new H.O.G. members, who have not yet registered, are invited to be part of the newly reinstated H.O.G. Pretoria Chapter #6811.

The chapter is constituted under the H.O.G. Chapter Charter, no bylaws or other rules apply, only the H.O.G. Chapter Charter. The chapter is sponsored by H-D / H.O.G.  Africa.  We are an inclusive Chapter, all H.O.G. members are entitled to be chapter members, all H.O.G. members in good standing are welcome.

The world has changed, and it is time to turn the page on old ways. Join us to RIDE and have FUN and do what we are passionate about, riding our Harley Davidson motorcycles with friends. For the sake of meeting and making new friends and the camaraderie between old friends. Join your H.O.G. Pretoria Chapter now, recommit to HOG Pretoria Chapter and wear your colours with pride.

Check your emails for membership renewal guidelines!

Please contact me urgently on if you did not receive your email.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist with marshalling rides, finding exciting venues, or taking on an officer position as official Chapter photographer, webmaster, membership development or historian.

Get ready to hear the "sound of thunder" again! When you ride with a HOG Chapter, you know we will ride safely and responsibly!