Urgent Notice from the Chapter Secretary

09-May-2019 to 29-May-2019

Pretoria Chapter H.O.G member,

This note refers to Constitunional matters, and requires your attention.


The Honorary Secretary, acting within his duties of overseeing and upgrading the Constitution and By-Laws, wishes to extend an invitation to all Chapter members in good standing to make written recommendations for consideration of alterations to said Constitution and By-Laws.


You are invited to informally email any recommendations to the following e – mail address  - dfprosto@xsinet.co.za . (WORD document format please)
The cut-off date for written recommendations is Monday the 01st July 2019.


In developing close relationships between the H.O.G. member, the Sponsoring Dealer and the Harley Davidson Motor Company, each member’s valued input is requested in addressing any “unwritten rules” or further concerns/ambiguities which might arise out from the Constitution and By-Laws, or omissions therefrom. Instead of unilaterally proposing and making amendments, the Honorary Secretary is inviting you to express your recommendations in a cohesive effort to streamline the Constitution, the By-Laws and the recommendations of the Chapter members. If we do not know what is bothering you, we are unable to correct this and build positive relationships within the Chapter. We urge you to actively participate in this process.


After the cut-off date, the Honorary Secretary will form a Constitutional Committee to oversee all recommendations received. The Constitutional Committee will submit the recommendations to the EXCO and Principle Dealer, whom ultimately considers and deals with the recommendations received as per Article 13.2 of the Constitution and By-Law 21 of the By-Laws.


Kindly be mindful that the intent and purpose of the Chapter is to “Ride and Have Fun” with like-minded individuals who have a passion for riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the Harley-Davidson brand, in order to develop a closer relationship between the Harley-Davidson Rider and the authorised Harley-Davidson Dealership. The Constitution and By-Laws gives us the flexibility to operate within these boundaries and make it enjoyable for all involved. The more participation we receive, the better end result for all. We hope to receive your recommendation soonest.


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