Spring Rally 2019
Wed, 20-Feb-2019

30 Aug - 1 Sept 2019

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Thu, 09-May-2019 to Wed, 29-May-2019

Pretoria Chapter H.O.G member,

This note refers to Constitunional matters, and requires your attention.


Wed, 19-Jun-2019

Don't get caught without a Charity Coin, It could cost you R100 a shot!
Buy you own coin from Marionette, admin@hog-pta.co.za, or at HOG Night, for only R100 per coin.

Sat, 20-Jul-2019

Kindly note the change of date: Now happening on 20 July 2019

Sun, 21-Jul-2019

Win free tickets to Lagom and Koos Kombuis show on Thurday, 25 July 2019 to the value R185.00.

Sun, 28-Jul-2019

Buy 5 hands now for only R200!

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Sat, 03-Aug-2019

Calling all Ladies!
Be Bright - Be Seen: Sat, 3 August 2019
Buy your tickets here: https://qkt.io/qS2RsB

Fri, 26-Jul-2019

HOG Night is on!

26 July at Lagom Cafe and Theatre Bistro

Sun, 04-Aug-2019

Join the world's biggest motorcycle club!

H.O.G.s have a taste for adventure, rebellion, attitude and freedom. When you’re a member, all that’s left is to let out the clutch and hit the throttle.

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